• US economic growth slowed and markets are waiting the Fed meeting

    26 Jul 2019 04:10 PM |

    The GBP fell on Friday as a result of comments by the EU president that it was inevitable that new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would try a new exit from the EU.

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  • ECB keeps its monetary policy unchanged

    25 Jul 2019 03:51 PM |

    ECB held its current monetary policy unchanged in July, as interest rates were maintained at zero levels while maintaining deposit interest at -0.40%.

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  • Weak economic data opens the way for a cut in European interest rates

    24 Jul 2019 04:44 PM |

    As the global markets await tomorrow's European interest rate and the governor of the bank, Mario Draghi,

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  • Johnson becomes new UK prime minister

    23 Jul 2019 04:09 PM |

    BP continued its decline for the third day in a row amid rising uncertainty over the likelihood of the new UK Prime Ministe

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  • The dollar is heading for the biggest weekly drop in three weeks

    12 Jul 2019 04:22 PM |

    The British pound rose on Friday but hit a tenth successive week of consecutive losses against the euro as weak data and the growing possibility of interest rate cuts after Britain's

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  • Fed close to cut interest rate

    11 Jul 2019 03:54 PM |

    Yesterday was full of events that contributed strongly to the moves of most major currencies,

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  • Markets await the Canada interest rate decision and Powell's testimony

    10 Jul 2019 03:03 PM |

    The markets are waiting for a number of important economic events that will have a significant impact on the movements of most of the major currencies,

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  • What you want to know about upcoming CPI data in US

    9 Jul 2019 04:39 PM |

    Global markets have been keeping an eye on economic data in the US and recently since the US Federal Reserve has repeatedly confirmed that the rate cut decision

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