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  • Canada trade balance records surplus and the dollar continues to fall

    3 Jul 2019 04:19 PM |

    Canada's trade balance reverted to a surplus for the first time in 10 months after a strong jump in exports

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  • The file of trade war was the highlight of the G20 summit

    28 Jun 2019 03:46 PM |

    The G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan, was scheduled to continue until Saturday, as the summit came amid pressures on the global economy

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  • Uncertainty dominates the global economy with anticipation of the G20 meeting

    27 Jun 2019 05:41 PM |

    The GBP rose on Thursday as investors dumped some of their short bets against the British currency ahead of the G20 meeting

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  • RBNZ fails to push the currency down

    26 Jun 2019 04:51 PM |

    The Reserve Bank of New Zealand was the last bank to try to weaken the value of its currency after trying to deliver a tough interest rate message.

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  • What we expect from tomorrow's RBNZ meeting

    25 Jun 2019 04:06 PM |

    Looking ahead tomorrow morning is one of the most important economic events that will have a strong impact on the movements of the New Zealand dollar

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  • Sterling is retreating as uncertainty continues over the Brexit

    18 Jun 2019 04:29 PM |

    The pound has fallen significantly in recent times as expectations for the prime minister's premiership negotiations rose to a five-month low

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  • A week of global central banks meetings

    17 Jun 2019 04:22 PM |

    Markets are preparing this week for several central bank meetings that will have a significant impact on the movements of most major currencies headed by the US interest rate decision

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  • The conflict of UK prime minister begins and causes GBP to collapse

    31 May 2019 04:05 PM |

    With the increasing skirmishes between British Prime Minister Teresa Mae and the parliament leading

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