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  • RBA increase possibility to decline AUD

    2 Apr 2019 04:27 PM |

    The markets started trading today with the Reserve Bank of Australia announcing its current monetary policy

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  • What we conclude from central bank meetings this week

    21 Mar 2019 05:05 PM |

    The US dollar remained calm during Thursday's trading after the strong loss suffered yesterday

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  • Markets are awaiting Fed decision

    20 Mar 2019 04:52 PM |

    The most important thing to keep in the market today is Fed decision at its meeting in March, especially after the negative tone that dominated most of the bank members in the coming period

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  • UK interest rate hike will remain on the table after labor market data

    19 Mar 2019 05:25 PM |

    Sterling prices have stabilized amid market anticipation for the Brexit developments and the latest developments

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  • A crucial trading week as markets waits central bank meetings

    18 Mar 2019 03:39 PM |

    By mid March, this week, the markets are seeing several central bank meetings around the world ahead of the end of the first quarter

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  • GBP recorded its best trading week since January

    15 Mar 2019 04:47 PM |

    GBP performance has not changed over the weekend in its best week since January as investors wait for parliamentary vote next week

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  • May lose control of parliament and uncertainty dominates the markets because of Brexit

    14 Mar 2019 05:10 PM |

    Uncertainty continued to dominate the financial markets during Thursday's trade talks between the United States and China

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  • After central banks meeting last week, markets waits BoJ meeting

    11 Mar 2019 05:00 PM |

    After several central banks met last week, the markets are looking for important economic data this week

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