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  • Risk appetite and companies earnings support stock indices to record highs and weigh on gold

    29 Oct 2019 11:55 AM |

    It seems that the US dollar has already liberated from the weakness

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  • US dollar fall as markets waits Fed meeting and stocks are continuing its rises

    28 Oct 2019 11:22 AM |

    The US dollar has been weakened as demand weakens as anticipation of the Federal Reserve's meeting on Thursday

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  • Markets await Draghi's latest ECB meeting as governor

    24 Oct 2019 12:07 PM |

    It seems that the negative risks still face the euro area, which was negatively affected by the slowdown in global growth

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  • The optimism of global markets is returning after the request for delaying Brexit to 2020

    21 Oct 2019 11:47 AM |

    The biggest concern of the world markets over the past two days was the Brexit developments

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  • Fears of Brexit limiting sterling rally despite positive data

    10 Sep 2019 05:11 PM |

    Sterling remained stable throughout Tuesday's trading, as most investors preferred to remain neutral until determining the outcome

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  • What the global markets are looking forward to this week

    26 Aug 2019 04:24 PM |

    The economic calendar is coming this week not full of important economic events except G7 meeting

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  • Is UK economy approaching recession?

    9 Aug 2019 03:57 PM |

    Amid the rising uncertainty caused by Brexit and the prospect of UK leaving EU without a deal after Johnson's appointment as prime minister

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  • Weak Yuan helped boost exports and Trump vows to impose new tariffs

    8 Aug 2019 04:52 PM |

    Despite the pressures on the Chinese economy following the trade friction and the imposition of customs duties by the United States of America on Chinese products

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