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  • A week of global central banks meetings

    17 Jun 2019 04:22 PM |

    Markets are preparing this week for several central bank meetings that will have a significant impact on the movements of most major currencies headed by the US interest rate decision

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  • The conflict of UK prime minister begins and causes GBP to collapse

    31 May 2019 04:05 PM |

    With the increasing skirmishes between British Prime Minister Teresa Mae and the parliament leading

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  • BOC keeps its policy unchanged and tries to reassure markets

    30 May 2019 04:18 PM |

    In an expected move, BOC kept its current monetary policy unchanged for the fifth straight session,

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  • What we expect from the Bank of Canada meeting today

    29 May 2019 03:01 PM |

    Markets are looking closely at the Canadian interest rate decision to be issued within hours, as the bank is expected to keep its monetary policy as unchanged

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  • May announces her surrender and resigns and sterling rises

    24 May 2019 02:58 PM |

    Prime Minister Teresa Mae announced on Friday that she would resign by June 7, two years after trying to push the EU exit package

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  • Markets remain pessimistic about the Eurozone economy after the manufacturing sector shrank

    23 May 2019 04:54 PM |

    Economic conditions in the eurozone seem to be a sign of continued investor pessimism and weigh on the ECB

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  • What the global markets are looking forward to this week

    20 May 2019 04:45 PM |

    This week, markets are looking for many important economic data that will affect the movements and trends of most central banks globally

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  • AUD fall amid disappointing job data and continuing trade conflict

    16 May 2019 04:07 PM |

    AUD fell to its lowest level since January 21, 2016 if we ignore the sudden collapse from January 2 this year

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