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  • GBP recorded its best trading week since January

    15 Mar 2019 04:47 PM |

    GBP performance has not changed over the weekend in its best week since January as investors wait for parliamentary vote next week

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  • May lose control of parliament and uncertainty dominates the markets because of Brexit

    14 Mar 2019 05:10 PM |

    Uncertainty continued to dominate the financial markets during Thursday's trade talks between the United States and China

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  • After central banks meeting last week, markets waits BoJ meeting

    11 Mar 2019 05:00 PM |

    After several central banks met last week, the markets are looking for important economic data this week

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  • Reasons for positive outlook for USD despite the negative employment data

    8 Mar 2019 05:27 PM |

    As the US Federal Reserve is watching developments and economic data to determine its direction for the coming period

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  • ECB reduce probability of raising interest rate until the end of the year

    7 Mar 2019 04:43 PM |

    The most important thing for global markets today was the ECB's exclusion of interest rate hikes until the end of the year

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  • GBP ignores Brexit and rises to its highest level

    26 Feb 2019 03:29 PM |

    UK is now 32 days after the EU has left and UK Parliament has not agreed. However, there is now a move from the opposition Labor Party

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  • Euro is trading at 3-week lows and sterling rising based on data

    22 Jan 2019 06:08 PM |

    The euro hit a 3-week low against the US dollar at 1.1335 in the wake of weak economic data as well as the International Monetary Fund cut its

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  • Sterling recovering amid the uncertainty surrounding Brexit

    17 Jan 2019 04:43 PM |

    The British Pound rallied today near a 2-month high of 1.2924, following the failure of the parliament's vote to withdraw confidence from the Theresa May

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