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  • Euro rebounds from its lows in light of the dollar's decline

    16 Aug 2018 03:55 PM |

    The euro recovered from its lowest level since late June 2017, as the dollar fell after news of holding trade talks between

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  • The US dollar is rising as the Turkish crisis continues

    15 Aug 2018 02:15 PM |

    The dollar rose against a basket of currencies to 96.92, the highest level since 27 June 2017, as the Turkish lira crisis continued,

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  • The euro is recovering but the threat remains

    14 Aug 2018 04:16 PM |

    The euro has pared some of its losses linked to the Turkish lira collapse, and the Turkish lira has lost more than 40 percent

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  • Weekly fundamental outlook

    13 Aug 2018 03:13 PM |

    Markets will continue to be heading towards the Turkish crisis and the Turkish lira collapse to historic lows on Friday losing more than 20%

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  • Euro sliding to its lowest level in a year

    10 Aug 2018 05:44 PM |

    The euro fell to its lowest level against the US dollar in more than a year after a report by the European Central Bank

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  • New Zealand dollar hits 2-year low

    9 Aug 2018 03:55 PM |

    The New Zealand dollar fell to a 2-1 / 2 year low against the US dollar at 0.6640 as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand unexpectedly

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  • China is preparing to respond to U.S.

    8 Aug 2018 04:11 PM |

    China said today it would impose an additional customs duty on US imports of 25 percent to $ 16 billion in response to the practices

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  • Tensions continue to press on the US dollar

    7 Aug 2018 05:40 PM |

    The US dollar fell around 0.25%, its biggest drop in a week, with expectations that the recent rally in the dollar in the light of rising trade

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