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  • Weekly fundamental outlook

    27 Aug 2018 06:34 PM |

    U.S. and Mexican officials are close to reaching an agreement that could pave the way for Canada to return to negotiations on the NAFTA. U.S. President Donald

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  • The Week of August 27th - 31st 2018

    27 Aug 2018 12:59 PM |

    The week of 20th-24th of August, although short on economic announcements, was action-packed in terms of the drama that orbits Mr. Trump’s presidency.

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  • U.S. Dollar dipped again

    24 Aug 2018 03:05 PM |

    The US dollar hit its biggest weekly drop since March as markets awaited the speech of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell at 14:00 pm GMT

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  • U.S. dollar is recovering after 5 consecutive days of decline

    23 Aug 2018 03:31 PM |

    The US dollar stopped falling during today's trading following five consecutive days of decline, and the political uncertainty boosted the dollar's rise

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  • Markets await the FOMC meeting minutes tonight

    22 Aug 2018 01:37 PM |

    Markets are awaiting the release of the minutes of the Fed's latest meeting to get more information on the monetary policy outlook

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  • Weekly fundamental outlook

    20 Aug 2018 04:13 PM |

    This week, markets are eyeing US-China talks to end their ongoing trade war, which will hurt global economic growth

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  • The Euro continues to recover to 1.14

    17 Aug 2018 03:48 PM |

    The euro rose for a second straight day on hopes for next week's talks between the United States and China to ease current trade tensions

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  • Euro rebounds from its lows in light of the dollar's decline

    16 Aug 2018 03:55 PM |

    The euro recovered from its lowest level since late June 2017, as the dollar fell after news of holding trade talks between

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