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  • Sterling pound falling and markets waiting for Fed

    1 Aug 2018 04:36 PM |

    The pound fell today from a daily high of 1.3144 against the US dollar a day before the BoE meeting

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  • JPY declines after BoJ meeting

    31 Jul 2018 04:30 PM |

    Japanese Yen fell against the US Dollar today as the Bank of Japan kept its policy unchanged and kept the interest rate in the negative range

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  • Markets are waiting for major central bank meetings this week

    30 Jul 2018 04:17 PM |

    This week is full of many important economic events that will affect the movements of most major currencies,

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  • US dollar trimmed gains after growth data

    27 Jul 2018 04:01 PM |

    The US dollar trimmed its gains today slightly following the US economy's growth data, which grew at a fastest pace in nearly four years

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  • Euro declines after ECB decision

    26 Jul 2018 04:15 PM |

    The euro fell to a one-day low as the European Central Bank kept interest rates unchanged as expected, and investors waited

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  • Markets await ECB meeting tomorrow

    25 Jul 2018 04:33 PM |

    The euro rose today ahead of a meeting between US President Donald Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, but

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  • Euro up and Sterling still under pressure

    24 Jul 2018 03:52 PM |

    The euro rose to its highest level since yesterday at 1.1716, following data showing business growth in the Eurozone remained strong

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  • Weekly fundamental outlook

    23 Jul 2018 04:25 PM |

    The US-China trade tensions continue to be seen in the wake of US President Donald Trump's threat to impose additional tariffs

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