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Bullard: US interest rate hike in December was wrong

11 Jan 2019 10:10 AM

US Federal Reserve member Bullard, the bank's most pessimistic member, pointed out that the weakness of Chinese data supports slowing global growth. His most prominent statements were as follows:

  • There has been a marked slowdown in inflation growth.
  • The signals generated by the yield curve support the narrowing of the US Federalization rates.
  • Markets expect inflation to grow below the bank's target of 2%.
  • I am concerned that the slowdown in global growth may worsen.
  • The Fed should be careful not to become too aggressive to reverse the yield curve.
  • Market inflation expectations indicate the current position of monetary policy is optimism
  • Raising interest in December was a mistake.
  • Concerned that the Fed on the brink of a policy error.
  • The bank should not expect further gains.
  • Policy may be in place now.
  • Business war is real and tangible.
  • Uncertainty arising from a trade war could slow the growth of the global economy.


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