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  • Chinese media continue to criticize the United States

    13 Aug 2018 12:54 PM |

    China's state China's state media continued a barrage of criticism of the United States as their trade war escalated as investors soughtmedia continued a barrage of criticism of the United States as their trade war escalated as investors sought

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  • German Economy Minister criticizes US protectionist policies

    13 Aug 2018 11:58 AM |

    The German minister of economy strongly criticized the tariff policies and the US sanctions policy imposed by US President Donald Trump

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  • Communications director of the Turkish presidency tweets

    13 Aug 2018 10:16 AM |

    The head of communications of the Turkish presidency tweeted on Twitter and the most important comments were:

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  • UK economy grew as expected in Q2

    10 Aug 2018 11:51 AM |

    Data showed today that UK GDP grew by 0.4% in the second quarter of 2018, as expected after a sharp slowdown in the winter.

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  • Highlights of RBA monetary policy statement

    10 Aug 2018 10:58 AM |

    Following are the highlights of the Reserve Bank of Australia's monetary policy statement:

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  • Japan's economy rebounded supported by spending

    10 Aug 2018 10:19 AM |

    Japan's economy grew more than expected in the second quarter supported by strong household spending, but trade tensions loom large

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  • Mexico encourages to continue NAFTA talks

    9 Aug 2018 02:46 PM |

    Mexico is encouraged to continue working with the United States to update the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Mexican

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  • Chinese media accuse U.S. of being mobster

    9 Aug 2018 01:47 PM |

    The Chinese media today accused the United States of mobster mentality in its move to apply a tariff on Chinese goods.

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