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  • Short position on GBP increased last week

    5 Aug 2019 02:28 PM |

    Short position on GBP increased last week, with sales hitting their highest level since April 25, 2017, as concerns over UK exit from the EU on Oct. 31,

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  • European stocks fell on fears of a trade war

    5 Aug 2019 01:43 PM |

    European stocks fell to their lowest level in two months on Monday as fears over trade disputes between China and the United States

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  • China's services sector is growing at its slowest pace in 5 months

    5 Aug 2019 01:22 PM |

    China's services sector expanded at a slower pace in five months in July despite a sharp rise in new export orders, a special survey showed on Monday.

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  • Palladium records the worst weekly performance in 3 months

    2 Aug 2019 11:50 AM |

    Palladium jumped 1.2% to $1441.36 an ounce after falling to seven weeks lows in the previous session

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  • European stocks fall in the morning after Trump trade threats

    2 Aug 2019 10:55 AM |

    European stocks lost as much as 2% in early trade on Friday as US President Donald Trump warned of new tariffs

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  • China discussed with US the cause of the collapse of previous trade talks

    1 Aug 2019 01:18 PM |

    China and US negotiators have discussed topics including the collapse of previous trade talks

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  • US oil production falls from a record low to 12.11 million barrels in May

    1 Aug 2019 10:47 AM |

    US EIA said in a monthly report on Wednesday that crude oil production in US fell by 26 thousand bpd in May to 12.11 million bpd.

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  • Fed cuts interest rates and keeps the door open for further cuts

    1 Aug 2019 10:37 AM |

    The Fed cut interest rates on Wednesday for the first time since 2008, citing concerns about the global economy

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