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  • BOJ member: The strongest scenario is the continued growth of the economy at a moderate pace

    5 Jul 2019 08:30 AM |

    Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Committee member Amamia said the strongest scenario is that the economy will continue to grow at a moderate pace

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  • Gold is retreating because of rising stock markets

    4 Jul 2019 11:44 AM |

    Gold prices fell on Thursday as equity markets rallied as investors sought to find a trend in US nonfarm payrolls

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  • US trade deficit increase to a 5 months high as imports increase

    4 Jul 2019 09:31 AM |

    The US trade deficit widened in May to a five-month high as imports of goods increased, probably because companies refilled their inventories

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  • Japanese PM: There is no need to raise consumption tax in coming period

    4 Jul 2019 08:55 AM |

    Japanese Prime Minister Abe pointed out that there is no need to raise consumption tax for the coming period.

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  • JPY, dollar and GBP are falling as bond yields fall

    3 Jul 2019 12:33 PM |

    The dollar fell to a one-week low against the yen on Wednesday, weighed down by lower yields on US Treasuries

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  • Japan's services sector rebounded in June with support from domestic demand

    3 Jul 2019 11:23 AM |

    Activity in the Japanese services sector grew at a slightly faster pace in June compared to the previous month

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  • BOJ member: Trade war has affected business confidence in Japan

    3 Jul 2019 08:43 AM |

    A member of the Bank of Japan's monetary policy committee said that the China-US trade war had a negative impact on confidence in the Japanese business sector.

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  • Oil prices rise but demand fears continue

    2 Jul 2019 02:05 PM |

    Oil prices rose on Tuesday as OPEC agreed to extend production cuts until March, although prices are under pressure on fears

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