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  • Germany economic minister: GDP data in the first quarter supported hope back to markets

    15 May 2019 09:44 AM |

    Germany's economy minister said the first quarter GDP data was a glimmer of hope in the markets after a two quarter slowdown in growth

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  • Trump: If China does not enter into a deal, companies will have to leave for other countries

    13 May 2019 02:06 PM |

    US President Donald Trump on Monday warned China against responding to a rise in tariffs imposed on Chinese goods

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  • Oil prices rise due to fears of a market slump because of unrest in Middle East

    13 May 2019 01:51 PM |

    Oil futures rose on Monday as growing concern over supply disruptions from the Middle East's important crude oil market

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  • Nomura expects Australian interest rate cuts in August and November meetings

    13 May 2019 10:08 AM |

    Nomura said the RBA tone was more pessimistic in the past period, after Friday's monetary policy statement that contributed to raising expectations for a cut in the next few quarters

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  • China oil companies stopped buying Iranian oil to avoid sanctions

    10 May 2019 02:43 PM |

    China Petrochemical Company (Sinopec Group) and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC),

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  • Japan's Nikkei records its biggest weekly loss in more than four months

    10 May 2019 02:35 PM |

    Japan's Nikkei suffered the biggest weekly loss in more than four months on Friday as the United States raised tariffs on Chinese goods,

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  • Japan finance minister emphasize the importance of watching US China trade negotiations closely

    10 May 2019 02:22 PM |

    Japan's Finance Minister Aso stressed on Wednesday the need to closely monitor trade negotiations between China and the United States of America.

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  • China denies backing from US trade deal

    9 May 2019 03:10 PM |

    China said on Thursday it had kept its promises to trade talks with the United States, rejecting US accusations that it was backtracking on its commitments.

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