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  • UK shed 650k jobs in Coronavirus lockdown

    16 Jul 2020 04:10 PM |

    The UK lost more than half a million jobs during its coronavirus lockdown, while employees worked fewer hours and earned less despite unprecedented government measures to support the economy.

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  • IMF warns of rising levels of global debt

    16 Jul 2020 03:44 PM |

    IMF Chairwoman Kristalina Georgieva has warned of rising levels of global debt.

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  • BOJ Governor: Japanese economy at ‘critical and difficult stage’

    15 Jul 2020 05:05 PM |

    Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda has indicated that the economy is now in ‘a critical and difficult stage’

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  • Fears over second wave of Coronavirus puts oil under pressure

    7 Jul 2020 06:42 PM |

    Oil prices fell during trading today (Tuesday), with WTI back to levels around $40 a barrel

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  • Chinese stocks lead Asian stocks up

    6 Jul 2020 01:05 PM |

    APAC stocks rose during Monday's trading session, with Chinese stocks leading these regional gains.

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  • Russian Energy Minister: no decision yet to extend oil cut deal

    3 Jul 2020 02:08 PM |

    Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak has indicated that his government not yet decided

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  • US Fed cuts interest at an emergency meeting for the second time

    16 Mar 2020 09:32 AM |

    The US Fed cut interest yesterday in an emergency meeting for the second time in less than two weeks

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  • BOJ Governor: Recent Yen rises driven by demand for safe havens

    10 Mar 2020 10:05 AM |

    BOJ Governor Kuroda indicated that the strong demand for the Japanese Yen

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