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  • UK employment rates are falling at the fastest pace in a decade

    11 Aug 2020 01:52 PM |

    Employment rates in UK fell from April to June at the most rapid pace in decade due to Coronavirus outbreak

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  • Gold touches new highs during today's trading

    7 Aug 2020 02:46 PM |

    Gold prices continued to rise in the last sessions of the week, and touch new highs on Friday morning at $2075.32 an ounce

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  • Gold sets new record price

    27 Jul 2020 01:15 PM |

    Gold prices today reached an all-time high of $1,944 amid investor concerns about renewed lockdowns in response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic

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  • Lagarde: European economy on the way to recovery

    24 Jul 2020 01:03 PM |

    ECB Governor Christine Lagarde has indicated the European economy

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  • European stocks rise on corporate earnings

    23 Jul 2020 01:41 PM |

    European stocks rose in early trading on Thursday, as investor optimism

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  • Reuters poll: UK prospects mixed

    22 Jul 2020 02:54 PM |

    A Reuter polls indicated that 85% of Britons believe the outlook

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  • EU reaches deal on recovery fund

    21 Jul 2020 12:27 PM |

    European Union leaders have reached a deal on a massive COVID-19

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  • French Finance Minister: EU summit set for success

    20 Jul 2020 03:35 PM |

    French Finance Minister Bruno Le Marie has expressed optimism

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