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  • Euro inflation rose by 1.7% in April

    17 May 2019 01:51 PM |

    Euro zone prices rose 1.7 percent in April, while their estimates of core inflation showed a slight rise

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  • Gold is stable today after recording the biggest daily loss yesterday

    17 May 2019 10:15 AM |

    Gold fluctuated but remained steady on Friday, after posting its biggest daily loss per cent in a month in the previous session,

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  • BOJ's Kuroda: Government and central bank must closely communicate on policy

    17 May 2019 09:39 AM |

    BOJ Governor Kuroda said in his remarks this morning that there should be a dialogue between the government and the central bank on policy

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  • France's unemployment rate is at its lowest level in 10 years

    16 May 2019 02:31 PM |

    Unemployment in France has fallen to the lowest level in 10 years, the National Statistics Agency

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  • AUD fall and record its lowest level in 5 months and euro is rising slightly

    16 May 2019 02:06 PM |

    The Australian dollar fell to a five-month low on Thursday as investors are poised to fully absorb the possibility of a rate cut in July

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  • Trump delay Car tariffs decision for up to 6 months

    16 May 2019 09:59 AM |

    Trump is expected to delay a decision to impose tariffs on car imports and parts for up to six months,

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  • GBP is stable as uncertainty continues due to the Brexit

    15 May 2019 02:00 PM |

    The pound was near a two-week low on Wednesday and investors said more losses were likely

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  • Eurozone economic growth is stable in the first quarter

    15 May 2019 01:11 PM |

    Eurozone GDP grew by 0.4% quarter-on-quarter in the first quarter, according to Eurostat, Eurostat.

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