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  • China's manufacturing sector slowed in June

    2 Jul 2018 12:24 PM |

    China's manufacturing sector slowed down in June as firms faced increased production costs and lower export orders amid an escalating trade dispute

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  • Big US companies attack Trump because of tariffs

    2 Jul 2018 12:12 PM |

    The US Chamber of Commerce, a close ally of the Republican Party of President Donald Trump, is launching a campaign today to oppose Trump tariff policy,

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  • UK manufacturing sector sees stable growth during June

    2 Jul 2018 12:09 PM |

    UK manufacturing sector sees stable growth during June as concern about global trade and the Brexit file dominated,

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  • Highlights of the monthly report of the NZ Treasury Department

    2 Jul 2018 09:50 AM |

    In its latest monthly report, the Ministry of Finance of New Zealand indicated that the world economy started in 2018 with strong growth.

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  • Yuan fell against the dollar to its lowest level since Nov. 13

    2 Jul 2018 09:27 AM |

    The Yuan fell against the US dollar to 6.66, its lowest level since Nov. 13. Although the Public bank of china has set the Yuan’s exchange rate during today's trading

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  • Swiss Finance Minister: Current levels of EUR/CHF is not a problem

    2 Jul 2018 08:30 AM |

    Swiss Finance Minister Ulrich Maurer recently confirmed that the current levels of the EURCHF are not a problem

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  • Volkswagen is looking to a multi-billion dollar electricity plan

    1 Jan 0001 12:00 AM |

    The Volkswagen Supervisory Board is due to vote on a multi-billion euro investment plan on Friday

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  • 1 Jan 0001 12:00 AM |

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