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  • Gold hits its lowest level in 2019

    18 Apr 2019 10:33 AM |

    Gold prices fell to their lowest level since the end of December on Thursday, amid signs the global economy

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  • Fitch confirms Australia at AAA with a stable outlook

    18 Apr 2019 10:06 AM |

    Fitch confirmed Australia at AAA credit rating with a stable outlook, but it had some warnings

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  • German government cuts growth forecast for 2019 to 0.5%

    17 Apr 2019 02:41 PM |

    The German government cut its growth forecast for 2019 for the second time in three months on Wednesday

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  • Gold prices rise due to limited trading

    17 Apr 2019 12:48 PM |

    Gold prices rose Wednesday as the dollar fell, but the yellow metal remained near a four month low

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  • China's GDP, industrial production and retail sales exceed forecast in first quarter

    17 Apr 2019 10:23 AM |

    China's GDP in the first quarter, industrial production and retail sales in March were better than expected, official data showed on Wednesday.

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  • Gold falls as investors turn to stocks

    16 Apr 2019 10:04 AM |

    Gold prices fell for a fourth straight session on Tuesday, as recent economic data and optimism on signs that Washington and Beijing have made progress in their trade row

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  • US oil production may rise to record highs

    16 Apr 2019 09:27 AM |

    IEA said in a monthly report that US production from seven major oilfields is expected to rise by 80k bpd in May to a record of 8.46 million bpd.

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