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  • Palladium falls slightly after hitting $1836.61 an ounce

    28 Nov 2019 12:45 PM |

    Palladium dropped 0.1% on Thursday to $ 1831.69 an ounce.

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  • ECB member: Brexit is still bad news for everyone, especially UK economy

    28 Nov 2019 09:24 AM |

    ECB member and Bank of France Governor Philipe Villeroy said that Brexit is still bad news for everyone,

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  • RBC expects RBA to cut interest rates in 2020

    27 Nov 2019 09:35 AM |

    RBC expects the RBA to continue its expansionary monetary policy while continuing to cut interest rates

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  • Powell: no signs support US rate hike soon

    26 Nov 2019 10:26 AM |

    US Federal Reserve member Jerome Powell indicated Tuesday morning

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  • ECB member: will continue low interest rate to support economic growth

    26 Nov 2019 09:13 AM |

    ECB member and BOF Governor Villeroy noted that the bank's current policy

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  • Gold at its one week low as risk appetite boosts

    25 Nov 2019 09:51 AM |

    Gold prices fell to their lowest level in a week on Monday after US and China

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  • IMF: Japan's economy is growing at a moderate pace

    25 Nov 2019 09:36 AM |

    IMF Comments on developments in the Japanese economy, noted that it is growing at a moderate pace.

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